Tumour Removal Surgery

Tumor removal is a surgical procedure to remove an abnormal growth.

A tumor can be either benign, like a wart, or malignant, in which case it is a cancer. Benign tumors are well circumscribed and generally are easy to remove completely. In contrast, cancers pose some of the most difficult problems in all of surgery.
Currently 40% of all cancers are treated with surgery alone. In 55% of cases, surgery is combined with other treatments—usually radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

Provide a tumor sample to establish an accurate diagnosis.
Remove as much tumor as possible, either to relieve symptoms caused by the tumor itself or to reduce the amount of tumor to be treated with radiation or chemotherapy.
Enable direct access for chemotherapy, radiation implants, or genetic treatment of malignant tumors.
Relieve seizures (due to a brain tumor) that are hard to control.

Potential Risks
General risks for anyone going through surgery for any reason include:
1 Infection
2 Bleeding
3 Blood clots
4 Pneumonia
5 Blood pressure instability

When You will recover
Recovery time depends on:
The procedure performed.
The part of the brain where the tumor is/was located.
The areas of the brain affected by surgery.
The patient’s age and overall health.


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